Affordable Maids
Affordable Maids

Your Local Home Cleaning Experts

Experience why hundreds of home and businesses owners trust Affordable Maids for all their maid service and cleaning needs

Your Local Home Cleaning Experts

Experience why hundreds of home and businesses owners trust Affordable Maids for all their maid service and cleaning needs

Unbeatable Pricing & Quality For All Your Cleaning Needs

a cleaner place and more time

Affordable Maids will make your home shine like new. When you order our residential maid service, you're enlisting much more than our cleaning services — you're buying a cleaner place and more time. While you’re out enjoying time with your friends and family, our maids will make your home spick-and-span. Our unmatched pricing start from $85 for a one-bedroom apartment.


We offer a wide range of cleaning options ranging from dusting to a more thorough, complete clean. Affordable Maids are available to clean your home from 8 am to 6 pm, five days a week, so you can always come home to a clean residence. We service nearly every North Carolina city.

Our Process

First, you set an appointment with us. Second, a representative will meet with you and finalize the details and pricing. Third, we perform our cleaning using our proven system — and make your place look brand new!


Residential cleaning

Enjoy the gift of a clean living space.

You know the difference in how you feel when you're home or apartment is clean —and when it's not. You feel better, you're more organized, and you're much happier when you're living in a clean home.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you hire Affordable Maids, you're hiring the best maid service in Raleigh, North Carolina. If you aren't satisfied with any of our work, we'll come back to your house and make it right.

Done right

At Affordable Maids, we have perfected a complete cleaning system to handle all your cleaning needs. From top to bottom, our cleaning experts carryout our efficient cleaning process using the best techniques and equipment — saving you time, money and ensuring a better quality service.



Kitchen Cleaning

kitchen range & oven (exterior)kitchen tables​counter tops & splash wallscabinets (exterior)microwave (interior & exterior)trashcan (exterior)small appliance surfaces

Keep your kitchen looking spotless.


Ever tried cooking in a dirty kitchen? It's not easy. And it will make one of your most important tasks — cooking food — far more difficult and time consuming than it should be. Your kitchen is one of the most difficult places in your home to keep clean — let us help.

Professionally clean kitchen.


At Affordable Maids, we're experts at cleaning kitchens. We'll clean your entire kitchen so you don't have to — so you can enjoy cooking again!



Wake up to a beautiful bedroom.

Have you noticed that whenever you keep your room clean, you're more organized in other areas of your life? Keeping your room neat helps you become more satisfied and efficient in every other aspect of your life.

We know how important it is for your bedroom to be clean. With our bedroom cleaning services, you'll feel what it's like to wake up to a room that looks and smells fresh — and you'll even enjoy better sleep!

Bedroom Cleaning

picking up clutter


mirrors & glass surfaces

wipe down furniture

dust ceiling fan

Tired of scrubbing your bathtub?


Your bathroom is one of  — if not the — most important rooms in your house to keep clean. Think of everything you do in your bathroom and how easy it is to put off cleaning it for another week. It's also one of the most unpleasant rooms to clean well.

We'll disinfect your tub, toilet, and make your entire bathroom sparkle.


We know that bathroom cleaning isn't your favorite thing in the world, so let Affordable Maids take care of your bathroom cleaning needs

Bathroom Cleaning



disinfecting tub / shower

disinfecting toilet

cabinets (exterior)


Enjoy a nice meal with your family.

If you've been avoiding family dinners, it may because your dining room is not fit to host a proper meal! Your dining room must stay clean if you want to enjoy dining in it.

Affordable Maids have cleaned hundreds of dining rooms, and we can clean yours to perfection too.

Eating with family and friends is one of life's true joys. And it's a lot more joyful when you're eating in a spotless dining area — and even better when you don't have to clean it yourself.

Dining Room Cleaning

dust wood surfaces (tables & lamps)

stair rails

clean mirrors & glass surfaces

clean / dust baseboards



Walk around on spotless floors

Your floors are the foundation of your home. If your home's floors are dirty and stained, then your entire home will feel dirty and stained — no matter how clean your other rooms are.


see them shine like they were freshly put in!

We specialize in vacuuming your carpets, mopping your hardwood floors, and removing all trash. By the time we're done with your floors, you'll be able to enjoy them like they were new!


Floor Cleaning

vacuum all carpet areas

mop hardwood floor & steps

remove all trash

remove cobwebs

baseboard dusting

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