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Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services

Your bathroom is a personal retreat where you can indulge in some much-needed me-time with elaborate bathing and skincare rituals. But when you have a busy schedule and you simply can’t find the time to clean your bathroom space, things can get a little messy.

The bathroom is one of the most hightraffic rooms in your home and requires regular cleaning. When you’re caught between balancing work and family, finding the time to keep your bathroom in clean and pristine condition can be difficult.

This is why at Affordable Maids LLC, we prioritize thorough cleaning and meticulously design personalized cleaning plans to make your living spaces sparkle. We only use premium-quality cleaning products and supplies to remove any build-up dirt, dust, and grime from every hard-to-reach surface and ensure that your home is free from germs and bacteria.

With over ten years of experience, our maids can provide top-notch cleaning services and give your home the TLC it deserves.

We go above and beyond with our professional cleaning services to make your living spaces shine.


You can rely on our maids to provide housecleaning services that gives your home a brand new look.


Our goal is to help out busy people and families to provide them with clean and sparkling living spaces that will help them feel refreshed.


Top-Notch Cleaning Services That You Can Trust!

List of Services We Provide

  • Clean and polish the shower and faucets
  • Clean the tub
  • Wipe the mirrors
  • Empty trash cans
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet
  • Swipe glass surfaces
  • Sweep floors
  • Clean the counters
  • Wipe down shelves
  • Mop the floors
  • Clear out the sink
  • Wipe down light fixtures
  • Clear the cobwebs
  • Swipe metal and glassware
  • Clean ledges
  • Spot clean windows and window sills
  • Spot clean door and door frames
  • Spot clean the outside of cabinets and drawers

Top-Quality Sanitary Solutions With Professional Maids

The bathroom can easily become a petri dish for microbes and bacteria if it isn’t regularly cleaned. These harmful germs live on light fixtures, tiles, towel racks, and cabinets, and can be harmful to your health. Whether you’re dealing with mildew, soap scum, cobwebs, or even grout, we can clean it all. Our cleaning experts will scrub and wipe down every surface to make sure you have a space that is clean and organized.

Step 1: Call us for a free estimate

Our representative will ask about your house and provide you with an estimate based on the kind of services you require.

Step 2: Tell us what you’d like!

Walk us through the different parts of your house and we will get started as soon as we agree on a price.

Step 3: Get a neat and tidy home with top-quality cleaning services

We will mop and clean every corner of your home and give it a brand new look in no time!

Cleaning Experts At Your Service

Since starting our business in 2013, we have established a robust reputation because of our attention to detail and thorough cleaning services.

Our maids go through extensive training periods to learn nifty tips and tricks for housecleaning and make sure they’re going the extra mile to help you achieve the living space of your dreams.

We guarantee perfection and are committed to excellence. You shouldn’t have to take time out of your packed schedule to clean your home; our maids have got your back.

We provide services in different areas of North Carolina, including Raleigh, Cary, and Durham.